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Brakes Service and Repair

Service Brakes for Repair Sooner than Later

Keeping up on brakes maintenance is important for several reasons.

Brakes are an extremely important part of the vehicle for safely stopping. Besides your safety, brake repair and service done when symptoms first arise can save you money by preventing further damage to other brakes components.

For instance, changing brake pads when they are worn out is crucial to prevent damage to your rotors. Worn out brake pads will quickly warp your rotors from metal on metal grinding so its important to have them checked and maintenanced regularly.

Randy doing a Flat Tire Repair

What noises and signs indicate I need brakes service?

Brakes Service and Brakes Repair Diagram

Brakes Repair Indicator
The brake hardware being pointed at above is the brake pad indicator. When your brake pads get worn down to the same level as the indicator you will begin to hear a screeching noise from your brakes.

There are noises, sensations, and warnings that indicate you may need brakes serviced. Here are the signs you should have your brakes inspected.

1. You can hear grinding, squealing, or rubbing noises coming from the wheels/ brakes

These sounds can indicate your brake pads are worn out or close to it. This is a good time to have a brake inspection done.

2. Pressing down further to complete braking

When your brake pads are closer to being completely worn out, the braking will go further to the floor because there is more room for your brake pads to travel. If you feel your brake pedal is spongy or needs to go further to complete braking, you could have air in your brake fluid and need to have your brake lines bled.

3. Vibration from the steering wheel or pulsation/vibration in the brake pedal

Any vibrations or pulsations from the brake pedal or the steering wheel are a sure sign that something needs looked at soon. These are signs that you should wait to have your vehicle inspected. Waiting could result in more damage that will cost you more money.
Pulsation from the brake pedal often indicates rotors are warped or close to it.

4. Brake Warning Light or ABS Light

If you notice that your brake warning light or your ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) light is on you should bring your car in for a free brake inspection as soon as possible.

What types of Brake Pads do we put on?

When choosing which type of brake pads or rotors to get installed on your car, there are some important things to consider aside from pricing. Most times, you get what you pay for, and when choosing your brake pads and rotors this is the case.

There are three main types of brake pads that you can choose between. Semi Metallic Brake Pads, Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) and Ceramic Brake Pads.

We recommend Ceramic Brake Pads and our shop will very rarely use the other types. Here’s Why…

  1. The other types will wear out your rotors faster and the pads wont last as long.
  2. Semi Metallic and NAO pads often cause excessive brake dust which leaves residue on your rims and brake hardware.
  3. Brake Noise – Ceremic pads have very little brake noise if any at all while semi metallic and NAO pads can cause screeching and other noises.

Overall, its worth spending the extra money to have brakes last longer without the extra headache. You will be glad you did.