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Alignments & Wheel Balancing

We do Alignments!

Its good to have your alignment checked to prevent uneven wear on your tires. When you come to Grand Blanc Auto Repair & Tire we have all the equipment to offer full service including alignments.

Wheel alignment is the way your wheels are sitting in comparison to the rest of your vehicle. If your wheel are tilted one way or another it will cause one side of your tires will touch the road more and cause uneven wear. Getting an alignment adjusts your wheels to be flush with the ground preventing tires from needing replaced earlier then normally needed.

Wheel Balancing

When we install new tires we also perform wheel balancing. When tires are put on, the wheels need to rotate evenly on the car so we test each wheel by rotating it on our balancing machine. When the wheel and tire don’t balance completely even, you have to add weights to counter the uneven rotations.

If wheels aren’t correctly balanced it can cause uneven wear on tires similar to the way an unaligned wheel can.

Wheel AlignmentAdjusting tire for alignment

Wheel BalancingWheel Alignment Machine