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Flat Tire Repair

We can do tire repairs for tires with minor leaks

Keep having to fill up that tire with air?
We can fix minor leaks with a tire patch meant to repair anything from a nail in the tire to small gashes. If your tire seems to have a slow leak, bring it in and we can repair it for a much cheaper price than buying a brand new tire. This can help keep you on the road without shelling out a few hundred dollars for 2 or 4 new tires.

What if you cant repair the tire?

It is good practice, if your tire cannot be repaired, to have both the leaking tire and the opposite matching tire replaced at the same time. If you only have one tire replaced you will have two different sized tires because one tire will have new tred and the other will be already worn. This can cause damage to your front or rear end depending on the vehicle and prevents regular tire rotation.
We keep a selection of tires in stock and can order tires from almost any brand you would like. We will recommend a tire that fits your vehicle usage and expectations for your tires.

Randy doing a Flat Tire Repair

What are signs a tire repair cannot be done?

The major things that prevent us from being able to perform a tire repair is that the leak is coming from a hole in the sidewall.


Other main reasons for not repairing a tire include if a tire has tred below legal levels or close to 2/32″ tred depth.

No Tire Repair because Tred Depth too low

Another reason a tire repair might be avoided is if your tire has began to show signs of dry rot.

Dry Rot on Tire Prevents Tire Repair